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Product development

Harnessing the power of Web 2.0, SOA , Databases and rich user interfaces requires focused expertise. We at Zeustek have focused on these paradigms to help you connect your enterprise software products and applications to your users.

The reasons to consider Zeustek Product outsourcing

  • Fast deliveries.
  • Reduce costs to be competitive.
  • High standard architecture.

we are helping our clients create ideas and turn them into successful products. We do it using a proven approach that leverages both left brain and right brain thinkers.
We have more brainstorming sessions to come up with innovative design patterns and the way we develop our product so that it is highly flexible and maintainable.

We deliver

  • Architecture Design and Development.
  • Product Reengineering.
  • Product Deployment Support.

Our Solution for your Product Needs.

A typical Zeustek product goes through inception and several iterations of elaboration, construction and transition to achieve an end solution that incorporates stakeholder feedback and is tested for reliability. Leveraging this process, Zeustek's highly skilled  developers have successfully completed numerous products in the past, including:

▪  Design and implementation of complete end-to-end applications
▪  Implementation of plug-ins and additional features in the existing applications
▪  Migration & porting of applications onto different architectures
▪  White box, performance, stress testing of components, as well as integration testing of application