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Our partnership program is designed to help you to find the best research partners for your projects, either in the context of Research and Development projects or within a broader search for technology-orientated partnerships.

The service includes details on thousands of active partnership requests from companies, research institutions and universities around the world.

We encourage people with different ideas to implement them.
We want people and companies to work with us and enjoy in our profit sharing models as well.

We like people /companies to outsource projects and be our partners in revenue sharing models.
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Why Partner with Zeustek?

Zeustek is a emerging global provider of technologies that help customers better manage their IT environments. We have experienced professionals to provide better web experience to customers and our marketing team is really good in branding our clients and getting more traffic and money to their business.

We understand that no single company - regardless of size, reputation, or service - can effectively supply all aspects of a customer solution. We have formed strong partnerships with over 10 technology companies worldwide to create a partner network that can effectively deliver all elements of a complete Business Service Management solution.

Customers always looks for one stop shop, so if our services compliments to your services, then feel free to contact us. Our affordable prices can really get you an upper edge over your competitors.