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Your Outsourcing Partner

You always come across situations where you want to have an upper edge over your competitors by providing same or better quality at lesser price. Many companies always wonder how come their competitors prices are so low yet quality is so good. Some times you have a good idea or product you want to build but not enough funding. So here outsourcing comes in to picture and you need to pick one good outsourcing partner so that you have an upper edge over your competitors. You need to search for good Indian offshore services and look forward for partnership in outsoucring.

Outsourcing to countries like India can prove to be cost-effective for your business. It is really beneficial to have international outsourcing partners. We , at Zeustek are focused on our client's success and we like to work very closely with our clients/partners so that we are more familiar with their domain and many a times we try to add value to their business by coming up with some innovative techniques and improved processes. If you are looking for Indian offshore services or International outsourcing partners , then zeustek is the best point of contact.

Companies can focus on their business rather than thinking of cost and how to build softwares and models. Zeustek has a very good reputation as per client satisfaction and we always try to be a valuable asset to our clients.

We are actively seeking Partners like you and are very eager to form a business alliance with below simple models:-

You pass a lead and we close the deal based on your reference. In this case, no operational intervention is required from you. Once we are able to sign up, you get a percentage on the total billing which normally ranges from 10-15% of total billing.

  • Zero Operational intervention.
  • Share on total billing & not profits.
  • You please your customer by offering help through your 'Network'.

You engage client and understand the project requirements. For the initial information gathering, we as a partners provide you with several tools and formats for gathering the information well.

We may support client directly depending on our understanding. Revenue sharing in this case ranges from 20-25% for this model.

  • A special Price from us to work with.
  • A dedicated Account Manager for your project.
  • Direct/Indirect Client support.
  • A Control Panel to see real time progress of the project.
  • Your client gets best of both worlds – Local Contact + Very competitive Outsourcing prices.

We remain in background and you deal with client directly. You are involved in the Sales and Delivery process. You can also communicate with our designers and developers directly during the development of the project, in case where you feel it is necessary. This way you work with our team as and extension of your team.

Since the final deliverables are for the Web, we are able to share all the work / progress with you on a private area on the Internet. For efficient communication we are also use online collaboration platforms like Basecamp and Mantis for streamlining communication and structuring milestones and achievables

This engagement ensures that you get

  • A special Price from us to work with.
  • A Control Panel to manage quotes from us online.
  • A Control Panel to see real time progress of the project.
  • A dedicated Account Manager for your project.